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My motivation has always been to help creative people build sustainable businesses on their own terms. -George Howard, Founder

What others say

George’s thinking has always been one step ahead of the majority of the music industry. But beyond just thought he also brings with that sharpened insight an ability to act and execute which makes for a rare and powerful combination. This makes his relevant and powerful work a joy to behold and I consider myself lucky (as should anyone reading this) to be in his orbit.

Benji Rogers, Founder & CEO dotBlockchain Media & Founder PledgeMusic

George’s background spanning technology, media, and music is a perfect combination to lay the groundwork for what is to come. He lays it out, right here.

Bill Tai, Partner Emeritus, Charles River Ventures.

George Howard was one of the earliest thinkers to appreciate that decentralized technology could revolutionize the media industry, and music in particular. His writing on these possibilities chronicles the infancy of what may turn out to be a new epoch for creators, and for the professionals and organizations who support them.

D.A. Wallach, Recording Artist

George's long history of leadership in the music and technology space, and empathy for the creators, makes him extremely well suited to report on progress in the music & blockchain space and to paint a picture of positive possible futures for musicians and the broader music world

Trent McConaghy, Founder of BigChain DB | IPDB | ascribe | Ocean

There is no greater ally to any artist than George Howard. His genius and expertise in the world of changing technology is what he uses to help artists protect themselves. He is brilliant, always ahead of the curve, and the best mentor an artist could ever have.

Ashley Longshore, Co-Founder Artgasm

The music business has a few old problems that are in dire need of some new solutions. Though the future is impossible to predict, George Howard has seen glimpses, and his vision has been clearer and further-sighted than most. In addition to his deep experience as an entrepreneur at the intersection of technology and music, his career as an educator has made him an incredibly effective advocate of that vision.

Aston Motes, Entrepreneur, Musician, Employee #1 at Dropbox