Emily White, On Her Book,
Interning 101

I am beyond honored that Interning 101 will be coming out via 9GiantStepsBooks!
I first met George Howard, co-founder of 9GiantStepsBooks, when I was literally an intern; in his Record Industry class at Northeastern University as an 18-year-old student.
Now, 15 years later I couldn’t be happier to offer my experiences and diligent tips to those beginning their or starting a new career with the support of George, Jennifer and their team.
We have tested this book out on students as well as on folks re-entering the workforce with tangible and productive results. I want the book to be as engaging as possible, so please hit us up on Twitter and Facebook with your interning experiences so we can all learn and grow together collectively.
Thus, here it is, we’re announcing the debut of Interning 101 today! Soak it up, immerse yourself in your career process, and I can’t wait to see where this book takes you and beyond.
Much Love,
Emily White, Co-Founder @ Dreamfuel & Whitesmith Entertainment