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Collective Entertainment founding partner Emily White has commenced writing her second book, How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams. Similar to Interning 101, in the sense that the book was born out of necessity, Emily is thrilled to share this crucial knowledge with all who want it.

"A must-read for anyone launching a career in music or the music industry.” - Hypebot. 

Read the introduction here on Hypebot. Receive an immediate download of the introduction when you pre-order. 

Says Emily, “I’ve had the privilege of speaking at countless music conferences around the globe. Yet I’ve never seen the modern music industry put IN ORDER, from creation to execution, for artists. Considering the industry was initially set up decades ago to confuse artists, that would be as difficult as trying to teach a child multiplication and division before they understand addition and subtraction. The goal of this book is to give artists a straightforward guide on how to build a sustainable music career. Similarly, I continue to work with too many national acts whom I’m constantly finding old and new revenue streams for. The modern music industry is, in theory, great for artists. However, there are very few who know how to build a long-term career, as well as where their money is coming from and when. I’m thrilled to share this knowledge with all, instead of just those who work with and/or know me personally.”

This book is proudly published by George Howard’s 9GiantStepsBooks, and edited by musician and industry professional, Pompy.

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