Team Values

Our Mission

Having been a business school professor for over a decade, and having founded, run, and sold my own businesses, as well as consulted for companies from the Ivy League to the Fortune 500, and individuals who have won Grammys, and Oscars, I've lived, eaten, and breathed business.

My motivation has always been to help creative people build sustainable, impactful businesses on their own terms.
With 9GiantStepsBooks, we're taking a different approach. We'll publish books at the length sufficient to express the actionable idea, and not a word more. This may mean the end result is a 35-page book, or it may be a 200-page book. We will not be constrained by or adhere to outmoded publishing practices; even if this means pricing the books at a significantly lower price point than if the books were "fleshed out" with non-value-adding chapters.

Most importantly, we will respect the reader's time.
- George Howard, Founder

Our Core Values


Don't waste the reader's time


Write no more words than necessary to articulate the idea


Provide current, real-world examples


Focus on showing people how to apply the principles in the book to their business