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Everything In Its Right Place

Everything In Its Right Place


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In Everything In Its Right Place artists, such as Imogen Heap and Ryan Leslie; world-class entrepreneurs/Venture Capitalists, such as Andy Weisman and Bill Tai; innovators, such as DA Wallach and Benji Rogers, and numerous others provide direct and informative first-hand accounts of not only their visions for Blockchain, but the ways in which they are currently utilizing the technology.

The ways in which Blockchain technology will impact the music industry is examined thoroughly, but, as is so often the case, the music industry is a sort of Canary in a Coal Mine; as it goes, so too go other industries. Given these stakes, an understanding of Blockchain is imperative for anyone interested in significant emerging technologies and its applicability to a variety of industries.

George Howard is passionate in his hope that some of the pieces compiled in this book inspire those who believe, as he does, in the power of leveraging Blockchain technology (or any other technologies) in a manner that results in more artists not simply sustaining, but thriving on their own terms. After all, art is an empathy machine and, thus/as it follows, more art equals less war.

Contributors: Imogen Heap, Zoe Keating, D.A. Wallach, Bill Tai, Benji Rogers, Ryan Leslie, Andy Weissman, Ashley Longshore, Jesse Von Doom, Jesse Walden, Robert Ashcroft, Aston Motes, Trent McConaghy



Blockchain technology has been promised to revolutionize everything from supply chains to property title, and yet one of the most logical uses of this technology – originally devised as the database for bitcoin transactions - centers around helping artists connect more directly with their audiences, better control and monetize their rights, and allow for entirely new and legal forms of collaboration to emerge.

In Everything In Its Right Place these and other advances related to Blockchain Technology are explained through a series of interviews and essays that will not only enable the reader to better understand this transformative technology, but will also inspire further exploration and development.

Artists - visual, musical, or otherwise - really must educate themselves about these emerging technologies, or suffer the fate of being exploited by those who do.