Interning 101

Interning 101

Interning 101


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Interning 101 gives you an insider's view on what it takes to maximize your internship experience.

For today's young person, interning is essential. It's also extremely competitive. Getting an internship is difficult, and - even when one is secured - these opportunities are often not maximized, for either Interns or the company who has hired them.

In Interning 101, Emily White lays out the strategies and techniques that will not only help you secure valuable internships, but also ensure that you maximize your time as intern in order to gain valuable experience, and increase the likelihood of getting a paying job.

Interning 101 offers real-world examples that will allow you to greatly maximize your time as an intern.



You will learn:

  • How to secure a valuable internship
  • How to (literally) survive at an unpaid internship
  • How to prepare to get the most out of your internship before you even walk in the door on day one
  • The office skills that are expected of you at internships, but aren't taught in school
  • How to build your professional network from Day 1 — both online and off
  • How to benefit and maximize results from your internship after it has wrapped up

    Perfect for:

    • Those who know they need to intern, but don't know how to start
    • Those who have secured an internship, and want to maximize its value
    • Those who have interned in the past, but felt the experience wasn't what it should have been
    • Educators and counselors seeking to better prepare their students who are seeking internships
    • Those who employ interns and want to better prepare them for success
    • Parents and Grandparents who want to help their loved ones maximize their internships