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Interning 101 is a real-world how-to guide for those entering or changing their professional field. It offers an insider's view on what it takes to maximize an internship experience from topics on landing an internship, to preparing for the internship, to understanding modern office basics, building your personal brand online and off and many more. You'll glean essential knowledge from a modern business maven. 

For today's young person, interning is essential. It's also extremely competitive. Getting an internship is difficult, and - even when one is secured - these opportunities are often not maximized, for either Interns or the company who has hired them. 

Often times, interns are expected to know modern office basics but aren't always given that information in school. Interning 101 is the ultimate resource to get the inside scoop on what is expected of you, how to get the most out of your internship, key tips on developing your professional network, as well as how to go about getting an internship and (literally) surviving in the first place if your internship is unpaid.

In Interning 101, Emily White lays out the strategies and techniques that will not only help you secure valuable internships, but also ensure that you maximize your time as an intern in order to gain valuable experience and increase the likelihood of getting a paying job. White's modern interning guide offers real-world examples that will help you to greatly maximize your time as an intern.

"I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to intern in the music biz, or in any business for that matter."

Kevin Lyman, Founder/Producer of Vans Warped Tour


 "I have experienced a piece of Emily White's brilliance as a tour manager, and there's a big chunk more in this book."

- Imogen Heap, Grammy Award-winning artist, musical engineer, composer, and producer.